What is the “myshopify.com” URL and where to find it?

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The “myshopify.com” URL is a default domain provided by Shopify to all stores created on the platform.

Your store will be created by Shopify as a subdomain on the “myshopify.com” domain.

In one word all stores created on Shopify are hosted on subdomains of the “myshopify.com” parent domain.

The “myshopify.com” domain is used for internal identification and hosting for your Shopify store.

When you sign up and create a store with Shopify, your store is automatically assigned a unique URL that follows the format [your-store-name].myshopify.com.

This URL can be created one time, is not transferable to another store and can never be deleted.

The URL will remain permanently on the Shopify records.

If you create a wrong one and you want to correct it, you can change it later for one time if the new name is available.

For the third time you need to create a new store if you need a new “my shopify” URL.

As a Shopify Partner your only option to remove the store created on the unique URL is to archive it on the admin dashboard.

This URL serves as the primary address for accessing your store’s admin panel and storefront before you link a custom domain.

After you purchase a domain name you need to link it to your Shopify store in order for the domain name to list your store when a visitor comes to see it and purchase your products.

What is the use of the myshopify.com URL?

As I said before this is used internally by Shopify. 

You can’t go live with a store if you do not attach a domain name to it that points to the [your-store-name].myshopify.com subdomain.

When you hire a Shopify partner to work they will not ask for your domain name but rather the Shopify subdomain name which is ”[your-store-name].myshopify.com”.

In order for them to access your store they will place an access request to the subdomain name.

Without knowing the subdomain name they can’t send you a store access request.

Of course beside this there is also a collaborator code that is needed or else they can’t send the request if your store is protected by this code, if not they can send the request freely once they know your subdomain name.

Where to find the myshopify.com URL?

If in the past you could find this URL inside the admin link, today that method is no longer valid. 

Shopify changed the admin URL structure to centralize and unify the admin.

I assume you are logged inside your store, if you do not know follow the tutorial: “How to login into your shopify store?

Go to  “Settings” like in the image below:

Shopify admin home page.
Shopify admin home page.

A pop-up window with the “Settings” page will open.

Go to the “Domains” menu item (marked with 1 in the image below).

You can see your “myshopify.com” subdomain (marked with 2 in the image below).

Another way to check the “myshopify.com” subdomain is to look under the store name (marked with 3 in the image below).

“myshopify.com” URL on the “Domains” page.
“myshopify.com” URL on the “Domains” page.

That’s it.


In conclusion, understanding the “myshopify.com” URL is crucial for both new and existing Shopify store owners.

This unique subdomain, assigned automatically upon store creation, serves as the foundational web address for accessing and managing your Shopify store.

While it can be changed once if necessary, its importance remains due to its permanent record in Shopify’s system and its role in the initial stages of store setup before any custom domain linkage.