Where to find the Shopify activity log?

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Coming from other popular platforms to Shopify you may wonder where you can find the Shopify activity log or audit log like you do on other CMSs.

Well you’re in luck since Shopify has 2 activity logs but they’re a bit hard to find if you do not know where to look.

One activity log is for store activity with actions performed on the store by staff and the other is related to staff logins like date and time.

The activities logs are high level meaning that neither one goes into deep user activity, but in my opinion they are useful to find out if somebody from your staff or the client made changes to the store and where exactly they did that.

To access any of the 2 activity logs you need to login inside your Shopify admin dashboard.

If you do not know how please follow this tutorial: “How to login into your shopify store?

Store activity log

In the new versions of the Shopify admin UI (Polaris), accessing the “Activity Log” has been simplified.

Navigate to “Settings” located in the left sidebar at the bottom. See image below:

Shopify “Settings” menu item.
Shopify “Settings” menu item.

After you click on the “Settings” menu item the Shopify settings pop-up will display.

In the left sidebar menu, click on “Store activity log” (marked with “1” in the image below).

This will take you to the detailed “Store activity log” (marked with “2” in the image below) where you can view all the changes that have occurred in your store.

Shopify “Store activity log”.
Shopify “Store activity log”.

User logins activity log

Navigate to the “Settings” item on the left sidebar (as shown in the image below).

Alternatively, you can quickly access the “Settings” page by pressing the combination of ‘G + S’ keys on your keyboard.

Shopify “Settings” menu item.
Shopify “Settings” menu item.

On the “Settings” page, navigate to the “Users and permissions” (marked with 1 in the image below) .

Click on this tab to open the page with the user activity log.

At the top, you will first see the “Store owner” section (marked with “2” in the image below). Here, you can view the last login date and time activity.

Following that is the “Staff” section (marked with “3” in the image below).

Lastly, you’ll find the “Collaborators” section (marked with “4” in the image below).

Shopify user login log.
Shopify user login log.


I hope this guide proves useful to you. It should assist in swiftly troubleshooting issues within the store, especially when you’re uncertain about the cause of a problem.