What should the Shopify video size be?

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Shopify video size had a limit in the past of 20 MB but now Shopify decided to increase that size to allow customers to create great stories for their products.

The video file size requirements are as follow:

  1. Video length should not be bigger than 10 minutes
  2. Video should have a maximum size of 1 GB
  3. Video resolution is supported up to 4K (4096 x 2160 px)
  4. Video file type supported is MOV or MP4

If somehow you miss any of the above Shopify will not allow you to upload the video.

Another limitation Shopify has on video is on how many videos you can upload to the platform. This depends on the Shopify subscription you have and it goes like this:

Shopify Basic – 250 videos

Shopify – 1000 videos

Advanced Shopify – 5000

Shopify Plus – for this plan you need to contact Shopify. Probably after, they will build a subscription plan for your store depending on your estimations.