How to find the Shopify theme ID?

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The Shopify theme ID is needed for different stuff on Shopify.

For example I use the Shopify theme ID everytime I connect with my code editor to work on a theme. I need to add the theme ID to a “config.json” file to tell “Theme kit” to connect to a certain theme on the store.

You can extract the Shopify theme ID in 3 ways:

1. Via the Shopify admin section of your store.

2. Via the source code.

3. Via liquid code.

First you need to login inside your Shopify dashboard. If you do not know how please follow the tutorial: “How to login into your shopify store?

1. Extract the Shopify theme ID via the admin section of your store

Most of the time I use this method since for me it is the easiest.

Once you are logged inside your Shopify dashboard, go to the theme section of your store:

Shopify themes page.
Shopify themes page.

On the theme settings page look at the browser URL and you’ll see the theme ID.

See image below:

Shopify theme ID in browser.
Shopify theme ID in browser.

The URL looks like this:

2. Extract the Shopify theme ID via store source code

Go to your storefront and open the Chrome Developer tools by typing + + C (MAC) or CTRL + + C (Windows):

Shopify theme ID in Chrome Developer Tools.
Shopify theme ID in Chrome Developer Tools.

Type + F (Mac) or CTRL + F (Windows) to open the search box on the Chrome Developer Tools.

In the search box type “id” exactly as shown in the image (marked with 1 in the image above).

The Shopify theme ID will be revealed in the Developer tools inspector (marked with 2 in the image above).

Copy it from there and use it wherever you need it.

3. Extract the Shopify theme ID via the liquid code

You can print on the screen the Shopify theme ID from inside the theme files via liquid code.

The syntax is:

{{ }}


Whichever method you choose it should not take you more than one minute to find out your Shopify theme ID. All methods worked correctly at the time this article was written. Soon as I find more I’ll add them here.