Where to find the authentic Shopify partners logo?

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I’ve got developer friends from my network that have asked me many times where I’ve got the partner logo listed in the footer and if it is from authentic sources, meaning directly from Shopify.

Yes, the partner logo listed in my footer is from Shopify and is authentic. I also have approval from Shopify to use it on my website.

In order to avoid replying every time with links I’ve decided to write this small tutorial with links to resources for partners like brand assets.

I hope this helps you and in this way it will be much easier in the future to refer this article to whomever is interested.

One essential aspect of being a Shopify partner is the ability to display the authentic Shopify partner logo. 

This logo serves as a mark of credibility and professionalism, indicating you are an Shopify official partner and you have the expertise in utilizing their platform.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that you obtain the logo from the correct and official sources to maintain its authenticity.

Please note that none of the partner logo files are hosted on our platform.

All files are hosted on the Shopify servers and belong to Shopify.

Please read first the Shopify Trademark Usage Guidelines and make sure you are allowed to use the partner logo on your website.

Download the Shopify Partners and Shopify Expert logos.

Reach out to Shopify Support

If you’re unable to obtain the official partner logo through the aforementioned sources or have any specific concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Shopify’s support team.

They are well-equipped to provide guidance and direct you to the appropriate resources.

Contacting Shopify support ensures you receive accurate information and helps maintain the authenticity of the logo.


There are a lot of Shopify logos distributed all over the internet that are not authentic so remember, using the authentic Shopify partner logo is essential to maintain the integrity of your partnership and demonstrate your professionalism to potential clients.

Also Shopify forbids the use of unauthentic logos distributed by third-parties.

It’s crucial to avoid using unauthorized or outdated versions of the logo, as this may lead to confusion or undermine your credibility as a Shopify partner.

Always refer to official Shopify sources for the most up-to-date and legitimate logo files.

By displaying the authentic Shopify partner logo, you showcase your association with a trusted ecommerce platform and reinforce your expertise in leveraging its features.

This recognition can instill confidence in clients and increase the likelihood of attracting new business opportunities.


Be diligent in your search and adhere to the guidelines provided to ensure you’re using the logo correctly and maintaining its authenticity.