What is the metaobjects limit in Shopify?

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The metaobjects have limits in Shopify.

The limits are set in place for definitions as well for the data entries for each definition.

One thing to know is that “Standard metaobject” definitions and entries for those definitions do not count against your quota for each plan.

Metaobject definition limits by Shopify plan:

  1. Basic: 64
  2. Shopify: 64
  3. Advanced: 64
  4. Plus: 128
  5. Enterprise: 128

Metaobject entry limits by Shopify plan:

  1. Basic: 64,000
  2. Shopify: 64,000
  3. Advanced: 64,000
  4. Plus: 128,000
  5. Enterprise: 128,000

For small stores with limited customizations the “Basic”, “Shopify” and “Advanced” 64 definitions are more than enough but if you need advanced customizations and you need to store a lot of custom data the “Shopify Plus” and “Shopify Enterprise” plans are the ones to go.

If you are interested in comparing the Shopify plans to see which one suits you best you can do it here.