Where to find the authentic Shopify logo?

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The Shopify logo is the visible symbol that represents one of the most popular eCommerce platforms worldwide.

When writing or designing a piece about Shopify, you might find yourself in need of its logo.

However, to maintain integrity and ensure the authenticity of the logo, it is crucial to source it from credible platforms.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best place to find the official Shopify logo and guidelines on its usage.

Shopify’s Official Website

The most reliable place to find the authentic Shopify logo is directly from the Shopify brand and logo page on Shopify’s official website. Shopify has an online resource portal where they provide their brand guidelines, logo designs, and different versions of their logo. 

You can access this resource through the following link: Shopify Brand Assets.

The logo is available in various file formats, like .svg, .png and .eps, as well as Glyphs and Monotone making it easy for users to find the appropriate logo for their specific needs.

The official brand assets page will also provide you with clear guidelines about how the logo should be used.

These guidelines include everything from the minimum size requirements to the clear space around the logo, to the color versions of the logo and what backgrounds they can be used on.

Graphic Design Platforms

Many graphic design platforms also provide the official Shopify logo.

Websites like Canva or Adobe Stock usually have official brand assets, including the Shopify logo. 

While these platforms may provide the logo, it’s always best to download it directly from the source, especially since those logos could be altered, something that Shopify doesn’t allow.

This step is to ensure that the logo has not been tampered with or adjusted in a way that misrepresents Shopify’s brand identity.

However, my recommendation is to not use it from there.

Remember to Respect Brand Guidelines

When using the Shopify logo, remember that the way it’s used should always adhere to the brand guidelines provided by Shopify.

This ensures that you are representing the brand as they intended.

Misuse of the logo not only misrepresents the brand but can also lead to legal consequences.

These guidelines usually include how much space should surround the logo, what colors the logo can and can’t be used with, and whether or not the logo can be altered (the answer is usually a firm no).

Make sure to read through these guidelines thoroughly before using the logo.

In conclusion, finding the authentic Shopify logo isn’t too complicated.

You have several reliable sources, with the official Shopify website being the most reliable.

Regardless of where you source the logo, always ensure to abide by the brand guidelines.

Doing so helps maintain the integrity of the brand and can also help avoid any legal repercussions. 


Whether you’re an online seller, a blogger, or a journalist, the importance of utilizing the authentic Shopify logo cannot be overstated, as it contributes significantly to maintaining the brand image and recognition that Shopify has built over the years.