What are Shopify forms?

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Shopify has come with a new feature for those that decided to open an online store on their platform.

This feature comes in the form of an app called Shopify Forms, so if you want to benefit from this new tool stay with us and we will share with you a new way that will help increase your sales.

Let’s start by saying that Shopify Forms is a free email capture app that works with the tools that you probably already use, like Shopify Email, automations, segmentation, discounts, and many more.

Being based on simplicity means that you can create branded newsletter forms for your online store fast and easy, without needing design or coding experience.

If you find putting this app to work difficult feel free to contact us and we will gladly do it for you.

Another plus is that you can choose when and where this form shows up, and so you can  include offers like discounts to encourage your visitors to share their name and email and thus increase your sales.

Beside all this, and because we know how important security is, let me tell you that you can also keep all of your customers’ data securely in Shopify, and at the same time measure the success of the promotions you have in the same place you keep track of your sales.

It may seem like a lot to digest but we are here to make your life easy and if you decide to use this app we can install, configure and customize it for you and walk you through its functions.

What Shopify forms can do for you?

Though it is called Shopify Forms, this app will not actually help you build customized forms for you.

It will build a form that will allow your customers to subscribe to your newsletter list.

Shopify forms were built by Shopify to integrate with Shopify Email.

Considering the times we live in it is of utmost importance to make the best of every visitor that comes to your online store.

Times are tough and operating in the digital world is even tougher due to high competition because you need lots of marketing and even more ads that can take a toll on your pockets and grabbing someone’s attention can prove to be difficult. 

That is why we recommend you to not miss this great opportunity to connect even more with your potential buyers.

To be able to achieve that you will need opt-in offers that can help you convert the potential buyers I mentioned earlier, and here comes to rescue Shopify Forms.

Until now you needed the theme to support a newsletter form in order to connect it to the Shopify Email.

Now you can do that with Shopify Forms.

Shopify Forms app in the Shopify app store.
Shopify Forms app in the Shopify app store.

Before anything else is said let me mention that Shopify Forms is free and customizable and like I have said before because this app is built by Shopify it works extremely easy with all the other tools on Shopify – like discounts, email, marketing, segmentation and so on.

Using this app you can easily and securely collect names and email addresses from your shoppers by offering them compelling discounts and other offers.

You can also customize your form or we can do it for you so it fits your brand and perspective so that you can easily follow up with perfectly timed marketing emails while keeping every data safe and secure.

How to get the most of it?

Use timed triggers and teasers – No matter where they are on their shopping journey the client should always be able to see the form even if they choose to close it or opt out of filling it. 

To make sure this form gets their attention, offer them a small teaser in a location of your choosing.

To help you grab their attention you have the option to edit the text, choose the colors and add discounts to the form.

You can also use phrases like “Exclusive offer!” or  “Don’t miss out!” beside some personalized text that will emphasize the value to your clients. 

The whole purpose of these triggers is to earn that click into the expanded form so the other customizations can proceed to get the customer’s details.

When editing the form text stand out and express your brand’s personality.

So don’t be shy of using the options that will help you shine, like the form text, header, call to action button or confirmation message and visual experience.

Add discounts – because this is the best way to attract potential customers, which is why it is so easy to add them on Shopify Forms.

When adding discounts you can choose from the existing Shopify base or you can create a brand new one. 

The form you choose will automatically update the default one if you decide to personalize it – this includes the form header, subscribe button, confirmation message and text to make your form stand out.

When to follow up – like I mentioned before Shopify Forms integrates with Shopify built in marketing automation.

Shopify Forms app dashboard inside the Shopify admin.
Shopify Forms app dashboard inside the Shopify admin.

This means that you can follow up with your subscribers whenever you see fit, of course making sure you respect all privacy rules depending where you live.

In the EU where I live you need to respect GDPR. Make sure you do since the fines are huge!

What you need to do next is set up a welcome email that every new subscriber will receive when they join your list or you can send a reminder of their new discount.

You can seamlessly do that by using Shopify Email drag and drop editor and other tools from automation, segmentation, discounts to make them look professional and on point. 

Be in charge of your data –  store customer data within Shopify and leverage for future marketing campaigns where you can use other automations, explore additional segmentation filters and send regular emails via Shopify email with new products or promotions.

Use all these tools to get the best and thus be able to track form submission and completion rate and see where more tweaks are needed.

If you want to save time and don’t know what options to choose we can help out so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We know how important the first connection is and being in the digital world collecting emails is that first connection.

So make the best greeting by using Shopify Forms and create that special link with your customer.


I recommend to use the Shopify forms app only if you don’t have the possibility to develop an integrated form inside your theme.

Unfortunately the app is very basic and another app added to the store will slow down loading time, but if you do not know how to code or you can’t afford to pay for our service to build a custom subscription form for you inside the theme, the Shopify Forms app is the way to go.

In case you want a custom subscription form properly integrated with your Shopify theme with code that will increase your store loading times, please check the service below.