What to sell on Shopify?

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If in one of my other articles we talked about prohibited items on shopify this article deals with all the things you can sell on this platform. 

Because as you well know, to run a successful store you have to know what to sell, as not all products get sold equally. So choosing the perfect product can impact the success of the store you run. 

To make your life easier below is a list of niche ideas from where you can select the best products to sell in your online store.

1. Food products

Market products.
Market products.

This is a good niche simply because we all have to eat in order to live, so selling food items is a good bet because they will forever be in demand.

Moreover, there are researches that show that the food market size was in the hundreds of billions in 2020 and expected to grow at a 4.1% rate till 2028. 

So selling food items in your online store will be a smart decision. Some of these items may include: 

  • coffee and tea
  • spices 
  • packaged snacks
  • pickles 
  • keto food items 
  • chips 
  • instant mixes 
  • cookies 
  • muffins and bread

2. Business products

Business products.
Business products.

Here you can sell all the things that a company needs to run their businesses. In this category you can find products referred to as B2B products. This sector is set to grow exponentially till 2023.

Some subcategories in this sector include: repair supplies, processed materials and other components and raw materials.

Out of this we can say that two are in huge demand: 

Office products

I say office products because no office is able to run without those essential office products like sheet paper, janitorial supplies, merchant supplies or pre-printed forms and so on.

Laptop stands

Laptop stands because they are just so versatile. People can use them for a variety of reasons. 

Among those being: bringing your laptop screens to eye level, improving typing ergonomics especially now when we work from home, preventing overheating laptops. 

So selling laptop stands online is an excellent strategy to increase sales and make money.

3. Health and fitness

Health & fitness products.
Health & fitness products.

Due to the latest events worldwide staying fit and healthy has become more of a challenge. So many are thinking about a home gym and cooking and watching their diet closer than before. 

With this comes a growth in demand of health and fitness products so below is a list with some in demand products for this category.

Jade Rollers

Some research has shown that  jade rollers can reduce swelling, increase blood circulation, and help products reach deeper into the skin. 

Because of this belief customers are always in search of good-quality jade rollers. So, selling them can prove to be a good bet to increase your sales.

Massage Guns

These have become popular because they fight muscle soreness, reduce injury, and get quick pain relief so health and fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout for massage guns. Therefore selling massage guns is an excellent way to add to sales numbers.

Yoga Mats

Due to the increasing popularity of Yoga among people all around the world, Yoga mats are selling like crazy these days.

Matcha Powder

A new trending product that can be used in multiple ways is matcha powder –  customers use it for matcha shots, lattes, tea, and even in desserts, so selling matcha powder is a way to increase sales.

Acne patches 

These patches are tiny bandages used as a treatment for surface-level acne. They are typically made from hydrocolloid, a moisture-absorbing material, and their purpose is to dry out pimples while simultaneously creating a barrier to protect against external bacteria and skin-picking.

Sleep gummies 

Is a type of candy supplement containing melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that plays a key role in sleep regulation in humans. 

As a supplement, melatonin is commonly sold as a low-impact alternative to heavier prescription sleep medications but sleep gummies are fairly new. 

Vitamin C serum 

This is a hydrating oil that’s rubbed into the skin and like a lot of lotions it can be used to soothe burns, moisturize, or protect against sun damage. Some studies even say it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

Beside all the above mentioned products we also add: aqua training bags, vibration plates, battle ropes, protein powder, and lip balms. These products are also in high demand.

4. Maternity Products

Maternity products.
Maternity products.

If selling maternity products does not seem to be a productive market then let me tell you that this sector is projected to cross $3 billion by 2023 with a good compound annual growth rate.

So if these figures have made you reconsider here are some of the top selling products in this niche:

  •     Maternity clothes
  •     Belly support bands
  •     Body pillows
  •     Supporting bras
  •     Pregnancy books
  •     Comfortable shoes
  •     Hot water bottles
  •     Compression shocks

5. Digital Products

Digital products.
Digital products.

We all saw the boom on this market in the last few years so it is a safe bet since it is estimated to grow by 6.5% more till 2030. 

So the possibilities are at the tips of your fingers and you can get started by selling two very popular products.

Portable LED Projectors

Due to the pandemic these types of LED projectors are now used at home beside the office. So do not hesitate to add it to your product portfolio.


Because technology is a constant in our lives, smartwatches can be a great addition to your products list. Moreover, the market is projected to grow during the coming years so selling smartwatches can certainly bring in more sales.

6. E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes products.
E-cigarettes products.

Since smoking has been banned in certain environments E-cigarettes have gained more popularity. To make them more enticing they added a variety of options in flavor. 

Moreover, they are considered a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. So if you think about adding them in your store you will be pleasantly surprised by the rapid sales growth. 

Therefore, it will be smart on your part to add E-cigarettes to your online product offerings.

7. Travel Accessories

Travel accessories products.
Travel accessories products.

Travel accessories are still considered to be a profitable niche to pick for your Shopify store even though the demand has plummeted since the pandemic.

However, this has been remedied since the vaccine came out and the demand for travel accessories is shooting up.

So if you decide to give it a go here are two trending products to sell in this niche:

Neck Pillows

Due to their design neck pillows can support the wearer’s head, thereby preventing stiff neck and fatigue during a journey. They can also reduce sleep apnea and snoring.

Due to these benefits and others neck pillows can bring you lots of profit. 

Travel Belts

You may wonder what makes this item so popular, well beside keeping money and valuable items safe from prying eyes they also come in multiple designs so they are always fashionable.

These are some of the reasons why travel affectionados choose them and think of them as key accessories.

8. Home Improvement

Home improvement products.
Home improvement products.

According to research the total home improvement market is expected to grow by a strong 9.9% in 2021 and 5.7% in 2022.

So, selling home improvement products is a wise strategy to grow your store sales. 

To shorten the list here are some trending home improvement products to sell online:

Air Purifiers

Because we have become more and more germaphobic due to recent events and because we are staying indoors more, air quality in houses has become a priority.

So selling air purifiers is a safe bet and will bring in more sales.


If you are a book lover like me and haven’t dismissed the idea of having a small physical library at your disposal then you will find bookends to bring a nice touch in your house. 

Especially since they come with a wide range of designs and people buy them not only to organize their books but also to complement their home decor. 

So do not hesitate to add this product on your list of things to sell.

Indoor Plants

It has been proven that many people love to buy indoor plants because they give a fresh vibe in any house and looking at indoor plants has a therapeutic effect. 

What is more, during the many lockdowns from the pandemic, more and more people took indoor gardening as a hobby, thus fueling the demand for indoor plants.

9. Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories products.
Kitchen accessories products.

Being home more has proven to be a good thing for most people because many have rekindled with home-cooked meals. 

This has led to more time spent in the kitchen and an exponential growth in kitchen accessories sales.

Research made by Statista projected the total retail sales value of kitchen gadgets in the United States only to be $17.6 billion in 2021.

Since working from home is more common these days  this value is expected to touch $19.6 billion by 2024. 

For you and your store this means you will have a plethora of potential customers for kitchen accessories.

Below are two of the top selling products in this niche:

Electric Kettles

Hugely popular among tea and coffee aficionados for the speed and convenience it offers to boil water the electric kettle has thus become a trending product in the kitchen accessories market. 

So do not hesitate to source a wide range of electric kettles for your ecommerce business, in addition to your existing product portfolio.

Air Fryers

Because everybody wants to stay healthy and fit, air fryers have gained momentum, and people are buying them like Christmas cookies. 

They also come with the promises of calorie cutting and quick heating speed, so you can expect air fryers to boost sales in your Shopify store.

10. Car Accessories

Tesla car.
Tesla car.

It is a fact that people love their cars and enjoy personalising them, so installing accessories is an easy way to do just that.

So, it is no surprise that only in the US online sales of auto parts and car accessories are expected to touch $21.4 billion in 2023 with a healthy growth rate.

If you decide that car accessories are something worth investing in for your store, here are trending products sold online:

  •     Seat covers
  •     Car vacuum cleaners
  •     Tire inflators
  •     Mats
  •     Covers
  •     Fresheners
  •     Blinds and sun shield
  •     Car cleaning supplies

11. Gaming Products

A gaming product.
A gaming product.

Gaming has always been a good market so selling gaming products could be a game-changer for your business. I say this because the gaming market is showing healthy growth.

It has been valued at $42.83 billion in 2020 in the US only and it is forecasted to hit $83.73 billion by 2026.

Below are listed a few of the best gaming products to sell online:

  •     Gaming laptops
  •     Gaming desks
  •     Video games
  •     Gaming monitors
  •     Gaming mouses and keyboards
  •     Gaming chairs
  •     Gaming PCs
  •     Gaming headphones

12. Camera Accessories

Camera accessories products.
Camera accessories products.

If you have an online store and are looking to expand your portfolio then add camera accessories because it can certainly enrich your product list.

Following is a list of items you can add in your store:

  •     Camera cleaning kits
  •     Camera bags
  •     Tripods
  •     Memory card readers
  •     Collapsible Reflectors
  •     Replacement camera straps
  •     Memory-card wallets
  •     Camera cleaning kits
  •     Lightweight on-camera microphones

13. Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories products.
Mobile accessories products.

Since the invention of smartphones a new niche has appeared, that of mobile accessories. This market is constantly growing and is set to reach a value of about $75.62 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2019 to 2026.

Following are some of the top-selling products in this niche:

  •     Mobile cases and covers
  •     Screen protectors
  •     USB OTG Flash drives
  •     Headphones
  •     Car chargers
  •     Car mounts
  •     Selfie sticks
  •     Waterproof mobile pouch

14. Sustainable Products

A pair of hands hold a sustainable product.
A pair of hands hold a sustainable product.

Since the invention of electrical cars, people are increasingly adopting new habits to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Thus the  sales of sustainable products in the US market is expected to touch a value between 142.3 and 150.1 billion dollars according to a report by Statista.

Now if you’re wondering what to sell on Shopify in this niche here are the high selling items in this category to add in your store:

  •     Copper water bottle
  •     Artisanal soaps
  •     Biodegradable cleaning sponges
  •     Bamboo straws
  •     Bamboo toothbrushes
  •     Sustainable packaging materials
  •     Biodegradable garbage bags
  •     Wooden coasters

This is one category that I strongly recommend thinking of. You can make money and at the same time help the planet heal.

15. Products Targeting Pet Owners

Dog playing with a pet product.
Dog playing with a pet product.

According to a report published by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent hundreds of billions of dollars in 2020 for their pets.

So whether you target dog owners or cat owners or just want to offer mixed pet supplies, you will certainly increase sales of your online store with these items. 

With around 67% of US households having a pet, there is huge growth potential in this segment and a great profit to achieve if you decide to sell these items in your store..

Below are some of the top selling items in this niche:

Pet Beds

This item is set to be a hit since all pet owners buy a pet bed because it offers numerous benefits. What is more, pet beds keep pets warm and support arthritic joints and can also help prevent calluses. 

Dog Seat Covers

Because we love our pets we want to take them wherever we go so dog seat covers keep cars’ upholstery safe from scratches, dander, dirt or spills. 

So, it is no surprise why a dog seat cover has become a trending product in this category.

Pet Clothing

This is another trending product in this niche. All pet owners have to buy clothes for their pets, which means there are tons of sales opportunities in this segment.

Dog Toothbrush

Dog owners brush their dog’s teeth daily to prevent dental health problems. This creates a constant demand for high-quality dog toothbrushes.

Dog Toys

People buy dog toys to play with their dogs. Combining dog toys with the above pet products will offer you a sweet spot in this niche.

16. Kids Toys

Toys products: Pokemon cards.
Toys products: Pokemon cards.

It is a known fact that the toy industry is growing every year. Some reports say that in the US only the industry is set to reach $34.2 billion in 2026. 

This estimate is given due to the report that shows a market size for 2020 of $33.7 billion.

So if you decide to dip your toes in this market here are popular product ideas in this category:

  •     Girl dolls
  •     Lego toys
  •     Stacking and building blocks toys
  •     Musical toys
  •     Outdoor toys
  •     Toy kitchens
  •     Toothless baby dragons
  •     Rubik’s cubes

17. Jewelry

Jewelry products.
Jewelry products.

If the list above is not convincing enough, try selling jewelry. If you are asking why, well the answer is simple, jewelry is considered a high selling product.

And the opportunities in this niche are exponential and set to grow yearly. To give you an example, the United States jewelry market is forecasted to grow from $42 billion in 2020 to around $60 billion by 2025.

To help you decide here are two popular product ideas in this niche:

Personalized Earrings

Personalized earrings have become lately perhaps one of the best selling products in jewelry items. Because there is a great range of endless designs, customers buy personalized earrings to pair with their different clothes, this being the main reason why these types of earrings get sold quickly.

Charm Bracelets

Another item in vogue lately is charm bracelets, so your customers are sure to buy them in every shape and form, material or design. Thus make sure you add it to your portfolio.

18. Health and Safety Products

Sanitizer product.
Sanitizer product.

The healthcare market for personal protective equipment is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.1% from 2020 to 2027, according to Grand View Research.

These numbers are skyrocketing due to the ongoing pandemic that has made people become more aware of their health. 

So to give you an idea here are a few product in this niche that are worth adding to your portfolio:

  • Masks and hand sanitizers
  • Home and office disinfectant
  • First aid kits
  • Disposable gloves
  • Wrist brace
  • Knee pads
  • Health supplements
  • Temperature guns

19. Hobby Products

Hobby products: Gardening products.
Hobby products: Gardening products.

The market for this type of products is constantly growing so having them on your products list is a good bet.

Following is a list of hobby product ideas that are hugely popular:

  • Wood carving kits
  • Gardening supplies
  • Paint Your Own Mandala Stones Kit
  • Paper cup craft kits
  • Needlecraft patterns
  • Different DIY crafts
  • Drawing supplies
  • Moulding powder

20. Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories products.
Clothing and accessories products.

The apparel niche is very popular in online commerce and according to  a report from Statista the US revenue from online apparel and accessories retail sales was $102.5 billion in 2019. This sum is expected to reach $153.6 billion in 2024 so selling these products is a good idea.

Below are a few selling ideas in this category:

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are pain-free, easy to remove and allow people to see how the permanent tattoos will look on them. Due to the fact that it is so easy to use them, they sell really quick. 

Eye Masks

Eye masks come as a response to the increasing amount of time spent in front of a computer.

It is believed they offer relief from dark circles and tired eyes and since the circumstances make it so we find ourselves sleeping less, they are very sought after. So, selling eye masks is a good plan to boost sales.


The watch is an accessory that is never out of style. We buy them as gifts or due to their classic touch to our look and often have more than one piece. It is why watches are still in trend and get sold steadily.


Due to the fact that we were forced to stay at home, many people started being more aware of their health. So tracksuits have become a must and people use them in their everyday life.


Sliders have become popular due to the new comfy trend that seems to have taken over the world. They are a more trending version of slippers that can be used during spring and summer. What is more they can be worn both – indoors and outdoors and this makes sliders  a hot-selling product in this niche.


These are warm pieces of winter headwear that go over the face and mouth. Due to the fact that they cover the mouth, which is important these days, and come in a ton of colors and styles they earned selling points on the market.

Silicone rings

Even though silicone rubber may lack the prestige of gold or silver it’s durable, waterproof, and far less expensive. Maybe  that’s why silicone rings are such a popular alternative to metal bands, especially for customers with active or outdoor hobbies.

21. Products from the Shapewear Industry

Shapewear industry products.
Shapewear industry products.

According to recent studies the market for this type of products is set to grow exponentially  during 2018 – 2024. So, it is wise to add products from the shapewear industry to your online store. 

Here are a few ideas of products to sell:


Bikinis will always be a sought after product and are an item that you can surely sell on Shopify. Because bikinis are available in a wide range of designs it means your customers will have ample options to choose from.


Another sought after product is lingerie, and since instagram the market has grown. Moreover the young population and the desire to be in trend beside the rise in spending power of women will bring another increase to this market.

22. Baby Care and Safety Products

Baby care products.
Baby care products.

Selling baby care and safety products in your store is a profitable idea to increase sales. I say this because the market for baby care and safety product marketing is growing at a healthy rate.

If this is not convincing then know that the market revenue is projected to reach about $11.1 billion by 2025.

Following are product ideas to pick in this niche:

Video Monitors

Video monitors are in high demand due to the fact they observe the baby’s sleep-time, can keep a watch on the nanny when parents are not home, and alert the carer when the baby’s movements are not detected. 

These video monitors are perfect for any new parents who want to keep a watch over their babies when they’re not in the same room.

Car Seats

Car seats are probably as important for any parent as the baby monitor because they are essential in protecting babies when they’re in a car. 

And we know that no parent will compromise with the safety of their baby. So, car seats get sold steadily, and adding them to your product list is a certain way to boost sales.

Baby Carriers

Baby careers come as an answer to the growing need for mobility among parents, with ergonomic designs, and innovation in functionality they have fueled the growth in sales.

Baby Swaddles

Another product meant to keep your baby safe is the baby swaddle, they also help the baby sleep better. So, there is no surprise why baby swaddles get sold like hot chocolate.

23. Products with repeat purchases

Recurring revenue is a thing of beauty so if you sell products that are disposable and/or need to be reordered frequently, you can grow your business rapidly as you build a loyal customer base that frequently returns to purchase.

In this category you will find some of the products mentioned above and a few more, so here is a list to choose from:

  •     Health and personal care
  •     Wardrobe and accessories
  •     Kitchen and grocery
  •     Home and bedroom
  •     Office products
  •     Tools and home improvement
  •     Camera and cellphone accessories
  •     Gaming
  •     Car accessories
  •     Doormats
  •     Household storage containers
  •     Kitchen towels
  •     Bike saddles
  •     Handheld device accessories
  •     Toy kitchens and play food
  •     Motor vehicle carpet and upholstery
  •     Bookcases and standing shelves
  •     Bookends
  •     Temporary tattoos
  •     Needlecraft patterns
  •     Hair styling tools and accessories
  •     Toys
  •     Shoes
  •     Pens and pencils
  •     Decorative bottles
  •     Drills
  •     Cutters
  •     GPS navigation systems
  •     Bras
  •     Motor vehicle parts
  •     Projectors
  •     Eyebrow enhancers
  •     Neon signs
  •     Tablet computers
  •     Water bottles


I hope that among all the above mentioned categories you will find that product that will give your business the boost it needs to be at the top of the iceberg.