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“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

– Aristotle
Costas Sacas - Senior Ecommerce Developer


My name is Costas Sacas. Like many of you I’m a part of the Millennial Generation that has grown up surrounded by technology and the new medium, the Internet.

I’m a perfectionist and a high premium quality lover.

At a very young age I’ve been passionate about computers, programming and business.

My first contact with a computer was at a very early age. Since then I’ve fallen in love with technology. It was an old HC Computer. I was fascinated by it.

I love technology so much that I can truly say I’m addicted to it. Before I’ve made a business out of it, I treated it as a hobby, but a hobby that I’ve realised started to take most of my time. You know, when you start doing something that you enjoy, time flies without realising.

When I started building websites I did it years in a row for free just because I’ve enjoyed doing it. I never thought I’d end up doing a business out of them, until people insisted that they would love to pay me to build their websites.

From simple HTML websites to complex portals and powerful ecommerce websites I’ve tried them all, to finally stop and choose to specialise in the ecommerce space.

I always wanted to create my own blog and teach people, but unfortunately never had the time to do that, at least this is what I’ve always thought. 🙂

Now, after working more than 17+ years in the Web Design(UX/UI) & Development field, especially in the ecommerce field and many businesses started(some of them failed) on the web, I feel that I have something to give back. This is why I’ve decided to give away for free all my knowledge to those who need it.

When I started in the early 2000’s there were only a handful of tutorials on the web compared to nowadays and above all it was frustrating as a beginner to understand all that tech jargon. Heck, the word CMS just started to be noticed. 

Today there is more tech jargon than ever and many tutorial writers are not developers. They do not understand how a system works and because of that the tutorials written by them are a pain to understand and follow through.

I will never forget how much time it took me to understand and glue together all the pieces of the puzzle because the writer didn’t talk my language, the beginnerʼs language. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start this blog and do my best to help all beginners out there to get a solid foundation of web development and especially of ecommerce development.

I’ve searched for a blog like this all over the internet. Couldn’t find anything. 

Most blogs related to ecommerce contain only marketing and sales content. This is mind blowing for me because marketing and selling is not enough when your design is horrible, code is crap, responsiveness doesn’t adjust correctly and page loading time takes forever to load.

Let’s not forget about testing. I’m baffled by how many ecommerce websites I’ve seen with visible issues that make users experience painful, issues that can be spotted by a non-developer.

Daily, I see marketers and salespeople that don’t have a clue how User Design and User Experience works. They add tons of zombie popups and unneeded elements to pages for the sake of marketing, trying to trick users into buying their crappy products. 

Sometimes I’m saying to myself: “Come on man, are you for real!! You know users are not that stupid, as you think!” For me and I bet for others some stuff they do, feels like an insult to our intelligence.

When I watch their website code in console it is full of errors: missing stylesheets, JavaScript errors, poor markup and poor CSS code.

I don’t want to start on themes.

My approach to ecommerce is unique because I have vast knowledge in the following topics: design, code, SEO, marketing, sales and human psychology.

An ecommerce store is not just marketing and tricking people through persuasive techniques to buy your stuff. 

An ecommerce store is the full experience that is behind your brand on the internet. An ecommerce store should be an astounding experience with pages that load fast, superb design, beautiful, easy to use buttons and forms, accessible from different devices and screen readers, superb High Definition images and not at least a high quality product that people will buy through your store.

Your users should experience, in your store, a beautiful story worth telling to others.

With this blog I want to solve all these pains and help educate clients what to expect from their developers and developers what to deliver to their customers. 

I want to help users understand how an ecommerce website should look and feel.

This blog will have as main topic the art of ecommerce, from design that impacts, to writing front-end code that will help search engines to correctly index your website, browsers to correctly display it and your users to have a top notch experience shopping on your website.

I will teach you how to create beautiful ecommerce websites that convert your visitors into customers, improve your user experience and increase your sales.

As I say to my clients, your job is to bring customers in the store and my job is to sell them your products offering them an outstanding premium experience on the store from landing point to checkout.

In one word, the purpose of an ecommerce website is to sell and make you money, if your website doesn’t do any of that, then what you have there is not an ecommerce website.

I want to welcome you and also persuade you to be part of our community. If you want to give back to the community you can write a tutorial for this blog helping people to learn the art of ecommerce.

If somehow you wonder what “HowCommerce”, the website title means, is the shortcut of these two words: How to do Commerce. 

My mission with this website is to teach people how to build high quality ecommerce websites and hopefully by doing this a new generation that will improve the web will emerge.

If you want a new friend or if you want to get to know each other better you can follow me here: @CostasSacas.

Costas Sacas